Where to get help

Family violence and sexual assault can leave women feeling very alone. Ongoing abuse often breaks down the family and social support networks most people rely on. But help is available.

Jewish Taskforce Support Line

JTAFV provides this confidential and anonymous phone information and referral service. Staffed by trained responders, the support line is open Mon – Thu between 10:00am and 5:00pm. Phone 9523 2100.

Community Support

Various organisations provide support to individuals and families coping with abuse. Services can help you recover the personal strength and confidence you are just rediscovering. Whether you are only just becoming aware of a problem, living with family violence or leaving a relationship, help is available. Be aware community services get very busy and you may need to phone more than once. Persevere until you get through. See Links or Professional Support for more.

Emergency Situations

Domestic violence is not predictable. Assault and abuse flare-ups can quickly escalate to a situation outside your control. In an emergency, follow your Safety Plan and call 000.

Professional Services

The professional support you may need is as varied as the situation itself. See Links for specialist practitioners or those with professional expertise in abusive relationships. Often a woman will need to call on one or more of these services:

Consult a GP, treating doctor or healthcare professional, especially if you or a child is injured – no matter how slightly. Provide an accurate account of the incident. Healthcare professionals may also be able to help with anxiety, depression and other effects of abuse.

There are many circumstances under which legal support may be needed. Accurate, independent advice is vital. The person being abused or children of the family may need the Court’s protection.

Women experiencing family violence need to make calm and objective decisions. A counsellor, psychologist or even psychiatrist can help you recognise abuse, develop response strategies and take positive action to overcome your feelings about the violence or assault.

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