Professional Support

Family Violence, Sexual Assault and Unhealthy Relationships can happen to anyone. Each person’s experience is different and how you regain a happy and fulfilling life will depend on many factors.

The process of healing and recovery begins with support. No-one should take the journey alone.

If you are in danger, Call 000 now and activate your Safety Plan.

A number of Melbourne services are listed in these pages. Each provides the information, guidance and help you need to live through this experience and get your life back.

“A husband should love his wife as much as he does himself and should respect her more than he respects himself.”

– Yevomos 62b

Also see Links for helpful websites or contact the Jewish Taskforce support line for information and service referrals.

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What's your role in family violence? Did you know the person sitting next to you could be a victim?
Intervention Orders